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Virtual 5k Time Trial

Due to the current Covid-19 situation, to keep club members motivated during this time while complying with the current restrictions on all our activities, we propose to organise a series of weekly Virtual Handicap Time Trials. The proposed rules and guidance is as below.


Key Information

Registration Form

Weekly Results Submission Form

Week 1 Results - 19 April

Week 2 Results - 26 April

Week 3 Results -  3 May

Week 4 Results - 10 May

Week 5 Results - 17 May

Week 6 Results - 24 May

Week 7 Results - 31 May

Week 8 Results - 7 June

Week 9 Results - 14 June

Week 10 Results - 21 June

Week 11 Results - 28 June

Week 12 Results - 5 July

Summary of All Scratch Times

Club members only


Rules and Guiding Principles


  1. All participants must follow the National guidance in force for everyone’s safety.


  1. Participants must set their own run route which should:
  • Be local to your home
  • Minimise possibility of contact with other users of the space
  • Start and finish at about the same location (i.e. no point to point downhills)
  • Routes will be 5km (3.12miles) in length
  • Be ran as a solo time trial
  • Recorded on smart watch/phone.
  • Preferably the same route where possible should be used from one race to the next to give you comparison of changes in fitness.


  1. The series will commence Monday 13th April with runners asked to complete their run anytime between Monday morning and Sunday evening. One run can be entered each consecutive week. You do not have to record every week, however as there are points for each position it would be in your interest to always post a run, even if its below your best.


  1. Runners should enter details of their run using this form. This should be done asap but at the latest by the Sunday evening.  Results will be calculated and a Results page and Leader board posted on the webpage by Monday evening each week.


  1. The race pace will be used to determine handicap position for the following week.  Initial handicaps will be set from recent 5k race or parkrun performances.  Handicaps will be adjusted up and down using a tried and tested formula, and the new adjusted handicap will be used for calculating the subsequent race handicap. This will give everyone the same chance of being first, similar to the Tuesday Handicap races we do with the club.  Handicaps will be adjusted weekly based on your performance and become more relevant to your current fitness level over time.


  1. You may run your route more than once in any race week but please take notice of Rule 7. Please only do a maximum of 2 race efforts in any race week. Only one of which can be submitted.


  1. Runners are advised that max efforts should only be done within a reduced overall training regime i.e. you should be generally cutting back your overall weekly training load to prevent compromising your immune system to allow it to fight off the normal bugs going about as well as Covid-19 implications. You might also consider doing the time trial at perhaps 95% max. or not doing it at all if feeling slightly under the weather


  1. Please remember this is presented as a means to self-motivate in these difficult times and should not be taken too seriously, especially by making comparisons with others. (Difficulty of relevant routes; weather conditions etc). NB due to the variation in accuracy of GPS location on different watches/phones pace recorded will be inherently inaccurate and will have a small effect on the results.


  1. Points will be awarded in the format of 100 for best handicap time, 99 for second and so on, this is for fun with a little bit of competitiveness thrown in to keep you on your toes.




If you would like to take part in this series please register here.


Enquiries about the event or results can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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