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Club Standards

The Club Standards Scheme will be administered by the Club Secretary. The Standards are based on tables of age graded times calculated and published on behalf of World Masters Athletics.

Road events have their own set of tables and the Club Standards have been calculated based on the most recent versions available as of the beginning of 2015. They are statistically based on known best performances across the world at a range of age groups. There are standards for all ages from 16 to 85.


How They Work

The standards are listed for the majority of standard race distances, but you do not have to record a time at all of them to qualify for an annual club standard. The Club Standards are designed to be achievable of the majority of runners who have put some training in and are based on the World Age standard as follows:

Platinum – World Time + 25%

Gold – World Time + 35%

Silver - World Time + 50%

Bronze – World Time + 75%

Performances need to be over an accurately measured course. To qualify for a standard you require to have equalled or bettered the relevant standard time in three different distances, with one being at least 10k in distance,


Distances: 1 mile, 3km, 5km, 10km, 10 miles, Half Marathon, Marathon



The awards are given for performances in the 12 month period starting each season on 1st November and finishing on the 31st October the following year. Times will be taken from the official results with Chip times being allowed. If you achieve multiple standards over the same distance the award will be for the highest grade achieved.


Making a Claim

It is the individual athlete’s responsibility to make the claim and provide the supporting evidence in the form of a results sheet, Runbritain/Power of 10 summary or similar.

Claims should be made in good time to allow for the ordering of certificates. Claims can be made at any time during the season but should be in before the 31st October each year, to allow time for verification prior to presentation night in December

Email claim to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Club Standard Tables can be found below:

NDRC Club Standards Male

NDRC Club Standards Female


Good luck and Good running.




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