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Training Ellon Route 5



Route Directions

Leaving the complex go down the hill and over Boatie Tam's bridge up past the meadows and turn right onto Castle Road. 

Cross the road and left onto Castle Road before turning left after the Ambulance Depot onto Balmoral Avenue. 

Running up Balmoral Avenue take the 4th on your right into Arnage Avenue and up to the dead end before following the path through to Scotsfir Crescent where you turn right and right again to follow Blench Drive out and over the cross roads to go down Crimond Drive and over the path at the circle of houses joining the path on the other side and left to go onto Pennan Road.  

Continue on Pennan Road until you come out diagonally over from Knockothie Brae. 

Go down Knockothie Brae and turn right onto Golf Road then left into Hospital Road towards the golf club. 

Turn right to go along the path and right onto the railway followed by a left down onto Commercial Road. 

Left down Commercial Road and then right into Millwood Road all the way along past the school.  

Shortly after passing the primary school turn right onto Craigend Road and left onto Millpark Road followed by a left down onto Craigpark Circle. 

Follow the vehicle route of Craigpark Circle (not the short cut path) and left onto Craigs Road. 

Continue downhill until just past the railway line where you turn right into Modley Avenue down and round the corner to your left before taking the path on your right that leads towards Gordon Park. 

Continue straight along the path as it takes you into Gordon Park onto the bottom recently widened path and continue out of the path to follow the parkrun route back to the Academy Complex. 

Ending by coming over Boatie Tam's bridge and up the hill to the Academy Complex before going along the back of the school running round it and back out the front to complete the distance.


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