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Training Ellon Middleton



Route Directions



Run north down the hill, over the path turning right and under the bridge you have crossed before following the tarmac path all the way along the riverside.

The path continues past the town centre and after the 2km marker post rises into Gordon Park where you should go all the way round the park and exit after passing the gym equipment for the second time.

Run through the tree lined path out onto Modley Avenue and follow the road up to Station Road.

Turn left and run west along Station Road as it continues up Craigs Road.

On reaching Esslemont Circle, cut diagonally left over the grass towards the bus stop and follow the road towards the shop, turning right, crossing the road and then heading east.

Follow the pavement slightly left as it goes onto and along Millwood Road continuing to the end where you cross diagonally left over Commercial Road before running north.

Turn right up onto the railway line beside the steps and right again at the top.

Now run south on the railway line until the Zebra Crossing at Station Road

Cross the road and continue south on the railway line until almost at the main road.

Turn left onto the footpath and follow it in an easterly direction until reaching a road.

Turn left and left again on Western Avenue.

Follow Western Avenue around a right bend and then a long straight in a northerly direction.

At the bottom of the road before it bends to the right go onto the footpath “Deacons Way”.

Follow this footpath, keeping the river on your left all the way along through a car park and onto a gravel path until you go under a bridge and the path takes you up onto the old bridge.

Go over the footbridge towards the town centre and then turn left back on yourself to run south out of Ellon over the road bridge.

Follow the road south past the church and garage all the way back to the Community Complex.


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