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Training Ellon Route 4


Route Directions

Leaving the complex up Kellie Pearl Way to South Road and towards Ellon before turning left at the traffic lights and left onto Riverside Road before an immediate left onto Hillhead Road and immediate right into Hillhead Drive, taking the second left to continue uphill on Hillhead Drive and then following it to the right as it goes all the way along and round the corner to the right and continuing downhill as it becomes Patey Road, still following along to the right until the T-Junction with Chapelhill Road. 

Turn left onto Chapelhill Road and then left again back onto Riverside Road. 

Almost on leaving Ellon turning right into Western Place down the hill to the T-junction and right onto Barratt Drive following Barratt Drive down to the T-junction and turning left to go down past the shop and primary school before crossing the wooden bridge. 

Continuing straight after crossing the bridge up past the wooden garages before reaching the T-junction of Station Road. 

Turn right onto Station Road and follow it along past the petrol station where you take a left along Union Street to pass the fire station. 

On reaching the T-junction at the Police Station turn left to go up Golf Road and then right into Schoolhill Road where the Academy used to be and follow the road round past the Square and left onto Castle Road heading towards the Meadows. 

On reaching the Meadows turn left into Castle Road heading into the industrial estate and up past the Ambulance Station and at the dead end follow the path through to the right hand side leading towards Brewdog. 

Run along Balmacassie Drive then right onto Balmacassie Brae heading towards Tesco. 

Go straight down Balmacassie Brae taking the footpath out onto Castle Road. 

Turn left and run down hill along Castle Road and left into the Meadows. 

Go past the sewage works, over Boatie Tam's bridge and up the hill to the Academy Complex before going along the back of the school running round it and back out the front to complete the distance.


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